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Hello, I'm also Pianist707 of Fanfiction.net I love a variety of fandoms, as well as doing some fanfics myself, which right now I'm slightly active (Sorry!), if reviewing works (more like complimenting). I hope this personal blog is a good display of my personality! I'm affiliated with (in chronological order) Frozen, RWBY, the Legend of Korra, Doctor Who, the Gallagher Girls series, and the Legend of Zelda. The remainder is left to ruminate upon.

I'd like to point out that I'm not an adult, so I avoid viewing obscene themes and pictures. I don't, however shy away from reblogging the things I like that have curses unless they get their point across. I am most likely to post facts, astrology stuff, classical music, writing advice I find helpful for some other people, and just bits of what I feel right now. Thank you and good luck.

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Saw this on Youtube.

Long ago, the Avatar fanbase lived in harmony. Then, everything changed when M. Night Shymalan attacked. Only great actors, pacing and correct pronunciation could save it. But when the world needed them most, they didn’t happen.

Two years passed and the creators created a new show, a sequel called Legend of Korra. But although its plot and animation were great, it still couldn’t make up for the disaster of a movie that preceded it.

But I believe…we can pretend that the movie isn’t real. :D

True that, huh?

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